The Death of “Stars”

Have no fear, the heavenly bodies that grace the universe never lose their luster. What does explode with the destructive power unrivaled on the earth is the final collapse of dignity that goes hand in hand with former Hollywood stars. Let the telescopes peer back in time on this ungodly manifestation so we can reveal its secrets. But wait you don’t need a telescope. A TV is the tool today. Just tune into the newest “Reality Show” and there you’ll see it in all its former glory.

As the song goes if “Video Killed the Radio Star” then reality TV must be the equivalent to a genocide of former tinsel town has-been’s, and wannabe’s. I don’t know about you, but I am a little tired of all this reality garbage.

Some of my thoughts came to me as I watched a commercial for a DVD collection of roasts for past Hollywood stars. It’s as ancient as silent movies seem, but they had an appeal because they seemed to be a window into a world unable to be seen by the public. It was a glimpse of how they joked to each other within the closed walls of their castles. You caught a glimpse of what it might be like if you were invited to a private party with them, and they were able to let their hair down without the fear of being taken out of context, or saying something foolish because they had a few too many. Has that ever changed!

Call me old-fashioned, but I want to remember how a heavenly body looked on the screen years ago. I don’t care to see how with time, booze, drugs, marriages. divorces, jail time, (just to name a few) caused it to turn into something so toxic that science still can’t classify its destructive powers.

It used to be joked that you went from being famous to infamous. Now I think you can switch things around and add a few too it. The natural progression of the stars in our universe still follow the rules of nature that govern them. The so-called “Stars” on this earth are following a path that makes them look more freakish than anything else. It’s all rather a pathetic spectacle in my book.

I find it hard to think John Wayne, or Johnny Carson would have a reality show, even if they were alive today. Just saying.



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