If I Don’t Need You for 3 Weeks…Then Maybe I Don’t Need You

Those ear jerking words were told to a colleague of mine back in the day. I never forgot them for why they were said, and the implied meaning they conveyed.

Believe it or not the planning for vacations has arrived for many. The birds maybe chirping, grass is getting greener, and the thoughts of you by the pool are becoming more, and more clear. But in good economic times or bad, exactly how comfortable do you feel when you leave the so-called “rat race” to don a bathing suit?

I have both family members, and friends who would plan vacations in the longest stretches of time possible. If they had 6 weeks vacation time, they would plan a trip to Europe or something on that basis. I know others who take time off from their job every single time they accumulate just 1 hour of so-called “sick time.” If the place they were working were to be in sheer chaos, to bad, they were leaving. Period. And if the boss or anyone else didn’t like it, too bad, they would shake their time sheet saying, “It’s MY time!” I know this first hand because it was usually me they were shaking their sheets at.

I’m all for one taking time off. Everyone has things to do, people get sick. But, it’s really not “your” time. It’s an agreement between you, and your employer. Just because you have accumulated time that’s in a so-called “bank” for you to withdraw when needed, doesn’t mean you can do whatever, whenever, you so please. Yes, you may get away with it at times. But that might be because there is no one yet available to replace you. Yes, there’s that word. Replace. And you had better be aware of it in times like these much more than in the past. Entrepreneur’s, and the entrepreneurial style employees live among these views all the time. And as a matter of fact, they thrive in it. As everyone is concerned with taking time off, they seize the opportunity to be of service right when it’s needed most, and gets the most appreciation.

There uses to be a great commercial a few years back for a just in time accounting service. The ad featured someone calling in sick, and the employer replying, “Not a problem, Bob is here to help out!” Which came the reply, “Where is Bob sitting?” Only to hear “At your desk!”

As your thinking about how marvelous your vacation will be, and or you have little to no regard of what you might be leaving for others to handle because it’s “your” time. If you can demonstrate to me by your own actions that I can get along without you for long periods of time, or in times of crisis. Then maybe, I don’t need you at all.

Or maybe Bob can do it for less, just saying.



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