Why Leaders Matter, and Followers Just follow

Leading is a hard job. Leading during tough times is even harder. Cross both of those with a leader with vision, and you have rare talent indeed.

Steve Jobs of Apple doesn’t follow, He Leads….Rupert Murdoch of News Corp. doesn’t follow, He Leads. Apple has become the second largest company per market cap in the United States. News Corp. is dominating media market share, and profitability while everyone else is near insolvency, or even worse, irrelevancy. All currently being done in the so-called worst of times to be in business.

The continuous pounding over the air waves and papers of the economy not doing all that well, unemployment high, government actions being scorned in the business world, doesn’t seem to be effecting these two greats like the rest. Want to take a guess why? It’s because…They Lead, They Take Control, They Find a Way or Make one!

Just about everyone on television and around business tables scoffed at the iPad. All fell into that “group think” and laughed about its funny name and how it would be a flop. As some of you that have followed my work know, I was not among them. As I stated right here on this blog back on March 6, 2009, “I believe not only will the iPad not be a flop, but it will be revolutionary!” I also had written a response to some comments from one of my articles in Forbes.com …CEO Network on some complaining about being a CEO in these tough times. I wrote December 6, 2009… “Rupert Murdock the famed business mogul is currently in the so-called “worst of times” when every other business is hoping, and praying that revenues wont fall, or that the turmoil is subsiding enough for them to make the case why they shouldn’t be fired, Mr Murdock is taking the boldest of action stating in no uncertain terms to such juggernauts like Google and others that if you want to carry anything linked to his business, you’ll have to PAY…or stop linking to it…Period!” No other leader had dared make such a declaration.

It is apparent to me today on this February morning 2011 that one of the most important themes dominating business today is, How can we get in on that?

If that’s your most important question, you’re not in the Leader category.