Wet Blankets…More useful than most think!

Wet blankets can apply to its obvious namesake, but it can also apply to a moniker  such as “That guy is a wet blanket.” Most will avoid the so-called wet blanket like the plague. In most cases I totally agree. There is no sense in hanging around or being influenced by someone who’s nothing more than a doom and gloomer. The caveat that needs to be applied for many is this…are they truly the… Doom and gloom personality type?..or …They counter point everything I say type?

Try this thought experiment, what would happen to a company that was made up of no one else but pure sales people? I can hear many of you saying “YES!” but would it really be as wonderful as we might think? Sales people either by nature or nurture are the most optimistic among us. They have to be, if they weren’t, they would be burned out in a heartbeat. That said, salespeople can also justify using every last resource a company has to make a sale. Sales people can project how they will make it all back on the “next” sale. But would that be good all the time, and unbridled in its usage?

There are times when we need someone to say “lets just think this through”, There are also times when someone needs to say “we’ve already spent enough.” Then there are the important times when someone must say “did we get paid yet, and did the check clear?” All wet blanket statements, all needed at certain times for the good of everyone.

Keeping the flame lit in the go-getters heart is important for both a company, and the person. Letting a flame turn into an uncontrolled wild-fire that threatens to consume every last resource is not in anyones best interest. It’s always been a balancing act, it’ll always be a balancing act. Without proper controls, burnout happens both with people and with resources.

Stoke the fire, keep the precautions handy, you’ll need both.