What?……..Me Worry?

There are times I just can’t help myself. I feel that I am once again dealing with groundhog day. So in the spirit of this time-tested pseudo holiday. I would just like to place on the record once more a little something that everyone (and I mean Everyone!) seems to have forgotten. It’s an oldie from the past. It was a real bell-ringer when it first aired, but now it seems it can’t get the listener line to ring anymore.

It’s a recording from way back in 2010, May 6th I believe was the date, alas I have a hard time remembering. I wrote about it back in the day. It’s quite possible I might be able to get it to play on this post, however I’ll make no promises. I am dealing with much older technology, were talking 8 months ago, I mean c’mon.

For those who like the classics the link is posted below. I’ll also post a link to the original article for those who like working with ancient text. (at least it’s not hieroglyphs) Back then, we heard the same things they’re saying now. “Don’t Worry, be Happy!”

I believe that is from a much earlier time, maybe even pre-GaGarasic or something.











Below is the link to my original post….