My catch phrase for 2011..Keep Your Head on a Swivel!

Well everyone it’s finally here. The new year is officially on, and there are many new opportunities coming along for anyone who will take the time look. Personally I have many new things in the fire that will be rolled out as the year unfolds. I probably haven’t look forward to a new year with as much anticipation as I have this one. More details on projects will be posted as they get closer to roll out dates so stay tuned.

So what do I mean with “Keep your head on a swivel?” The phrase comes from the military when you need to be on high alert. In other words scan, look at everything, and then look again. Is it a threat, something to be concerned with, or something to ignore. I suggest opportunities are going to be far more plentiful, and far more profitable for those who will be looking, than to those who will be looking…down.

The fantastic technological wonders that brought us the “Smart phone” has now morphed the users of these devices into smart phone users posting, and watching the dumbest of things. They also do this all day, everyday, taking time for only when nature calls, and that now seems to be a place where they call Mother Nature because who else could they possibly be talking to in the restroom?

Just look around. Look around but try to see what’s going on around you. Most people have their heads down, you shouldn’t! Yes these things are wonderful, they are magical in what they can do to help you, but they have a far, far , more brainless, time-wasting side to them that most either don’t notice, or worse, don’t really care.

As everyone is updating their Facebook status, I would hope you are looking for opportunities, because they’re not. As everyone is watching another really stupid YouTube video, I hope you are looking for a new business opportunity to capitalize on because, they’re not. As everyone is texting each other why they can’t get something done because they’re too busy texting each other, you’ll be organizing plans to launch that new idea you’ve been working on because……They are not!

I still believe 2011 is going to be more turbulent in many ways than the last few years, however, that’s where opportunities present themselves. Real opportunities that need real solutions. To these problem solvers the world will be your oyster.

Remember, the true movers, shakers, and wealth creators reside in only the Top 5%, regardless of what others try to tell you. Just remember your competition all have their head down posting why they shouldn’t be in the other 95%

Think I’m exagerating?…Just look around.