Why didn’t anyone say “Happy Anniversary?”

Usually one way or another, when you miss an anniversary there’s heck to pay! Try saying to your significant other…”Of course I remember!” and not have a gift of roses, or something else of value (to them!)  Your present will be the doghouse if you don’t, and you’ll be lucky if only that! So tell me, what happens when it’s an anniversary that someone wants or hopes you’ll forget? Well it just happened if you weren’t paying attention, but I was.

Columbus day was quite the holiday back a few years ago but now it’s barely mentioned, but that’s still not the one I’m talking about. No the anniversary I’m referring to is Oct. 11, 2007 the day the stock market peaked at 1576.09 for the S&P, and 14198.10 for the Dow Jones. Just 3 short years ago we made all time record highs, and then need I remind anyone what happened next? For those who do, in less than 12 months they lost nearly 50% of their value trading down in the 700’s for the S&P, and in the 7000’s for the Dow, and most of us thought the world was coming to an end. Pretty scary even for the Halloween season. (pun intended) And what pray tell was the reason for such a debacle? The housing market, sub-prime mortgages, CDO’s. CDS’s, and a whole lot of other acronyms that I still don’t know what they mean.

Isn’t it funny that on the day Oct. 11. 2010 the Stock market hits another high on such a fateful date, and the financial media, the news media, and every other media is quiet. Hush hush to such an extreme that for me the silence is deafening. Could it also be because on this date the “Housing debacle” has now come right back with a new mess? Should I say the words….”Foreclosure debacle” or is that now the new taboo?

In a world where the financial channels celebrate the market rising 1 point because some rodent in PA saw its own shadow, don’t you find it odd they didn’t even mention it? Maybe everyone’s too busy whistling past the proverbial graveyard. Just hope the ghosts of the October’s past don’t get angry because they were forgotten this year. Not all ghosts like to dance in Michael Jackson videos, some can still remind you what scary truly is. For this anniversary, I remembered but I didn’t bring flowers………..

I brought garlic!