Drifting Backwards vs. Moving Forward

Let’s cut right to the chase. Things are tough, they might get worse, they might get terribly worse…..So what!

Everyday since man has been on this little rock we call Earth, stuff happens. I could sugar coat it. I could get out my dictionary and look for the perfect word to capture it, but it doesn’t matter. I think the word “stuff” just about captures what is going on right now without getting vulgar. Let’s remember one crucial point most forget in times like these. Crisis creates opportunity to those who view it as such, and are prepared to act, rather than drift.

Drifting is easy, it takes no effort, but the effort you might need to regain your original heading maybe unattainable, depending on how far you’ve allowed yourself to drift. Here’s an example why you need to be aware and to be continually on point moving forward in times like these……….

Alan Weiss, Ph.D. Pres. of Summit Consulting Group introduced his 1% Solution® a while back. It a great, easy to understand formula that yields results. I’m paraphrasing here …..Improve by 1% a day…and in 70 days…you’re twice as good. That’s an important formula that is achievable by anyone, in any profession, in any economic climate, if your serious!….And in tough economic times like these I’m convinced it will yield even greater returns. Why?  Everyone else is drifting! Don’t dismiss the significance of those last four words….Think for a moment…..most are just waiting to be rescued, waiting for the boss to promote them, hoping for the raise, hoping for a new client, hoping it’s not them that gets canned next, hoping, wishing,………..drifting.

If the power of Dr. Weiss’ 1% Solution ® can be employed to move one forward. Just think about the multiplier effect it can have on a person or company who is committed to moving forward 1% a day…while the competition is allowing itself to drift backwards 1%.

Sometimes simple math can set you free!