Have you noticed the spin?

Now that the stock market has once again entered into what the geniuses on the financial channels are calling ” correction territory” it’s amazing what else you’ll see on TV. Oh you’ve seen them, the ones that line up in front of the cameras elbowing each other to make sure they’re the ones in the center shot of the so-called “smart crowd.” Doesn’t matter if they’re in this country or another. From politicians to economists, Nobel Prize winners, financial analysts, columnists. Just  name one and you’re guaranteed they’re right there bloviating on why you should pay attention or heed their callings. As if this time they’re right……. Yeah…sure!

I almost fell down laughing this morning when I heard a financial reporter  state over the airwaves…(wait for it)……”Economists are changing their forecasts on their current economic projections because the current models seem to not be adhering to their original forecasts.” Wow! Is that like a professorial Mulligan? I was never aware that do-overs were now being taught in the Ivy League. A do-over when I grew up meant repeat the class or term over again because you didn’t quite get it, and you need to get it before you go into the working world. Now I guess it’s a credit course, my  how things have changed.

Think I’m just spouting hyperbole like the so-called “Mulligan Mania” crowd?  Here’s just a sample to ponder…

Gulf Oil Spill…..I’m in charge, No they’re in Charge. We’ll let you know who’s in charge at some point, and charge them. You can be sure of that!

Financial Markets….The Crash Sell Off was a mistake, a bad order entry…..The markets have now sold of more than the mistake. Is it now a mistake to buy? Or are more discounts coming? I do love bargains.

Media Outlets….We’re No. 1 in our time slot….But we changed the time slot from Prime Time to…. Is there anyone awake at this time slot. We went from 2 viewers to 3. That’s a 50% increase in viewership! It’s Emmy time!

So-Called Guru’s…. I can make you millions in, Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds,Music, Dancing, Cattle, heck…even the processed cattle feed coming through the cow!…Just send me a check, or better yet, your credit card and we can get started today!…But wait there’s more! I get rich..you don’t. Remember to read the fine print. (it’s also very, very, very small)

Remember….If your washing machine appears to be blushing when the TV is on, you’ll be more productive if you put down the remote…and pick up the hamper.