“Poor Service” why it not only won’t last, but Can’t!

Nothing brings out friendly faces to the shopping or showroom floor like no customers. Yes, you read that right. Oh I can hear you laughing right through the screen, and I agree with your first impulse at such a statement, but there is a view over the horizon. It’s very hard to see. In some way, you almost have to just close your eyes and pray that someday this madness when you walk into a place to spend your money you’ll be treated with at least the same dignity as they treat the refuse when they are putting it into the dumpster. I know I’m asking for a lot here, but I can dream can’t I?

Here’s a small glimmer of hope that I saw today while out shopping with my wife. We went into one of the traditional box stores for housewares. ( I don’t want to name names just yet…It’s far to early in this quest for sanity.) and we were greeted, and asked several times if there was anything we needed help in finding, and when I asked one person if they could look up a price for me, not only did they do it without hesitation, I got an, “Can I do anything else for you?”…and a smile to boot! ( Be still my aching heart.)

Funny thing to all this nicety I experienced. I understand something that most don’t. Once again, customer service is not a luxury to the shopper, or shopping experience, it’s the only way to even try to survive in today’s economic climate. With half off sales and discounts being offered out the wazoo, if you don’t treat a customer with the general affection that you know without them, there is no you, well let’s just say most don’t care about customer service at the “Going Out of Business Sales.”

Now if only I can get back to relating to a service person by their name, instead of having to say…”I was promised it would be ready by Friday from….I forgot his name, he didn’t have a card, you know, the guy with the green hair and nose ring that works here.”