Anything times ZERO, is still ZERO

Remember that old sage? Well, the airlines are increasing their size by buying each other out to fortify their dominance. Problem is, not only are most airlines demonstrating poor service, it’s more akin to zero service these days, and as the sage goes…OxO=O. Even if one of the companies had just a fraction of customer service left, well you do the math.

As airline companies announce yet another giant merger of 2 companies, it’s at best only a merger of the mediocre, and if history is our guide, mediocre will be a kind reference. Think I’m over stating it?

My wife traveled over Mothers Day weekend and had nothing but difficulties with her flights, and what was worse, no one seemed to care. Not the ticket counter agents, the flight staff, not the telephone help. The last leg of her trip ended with her having to sleep overnight in the terminal. Every company has problems, but it’s how you handle them by which you are measured. When all your employees have a standard answer of ” We can’t help with that, Or I don’t know why, or Sorry not my job…Next” the math will catch up with you also. Remember the math? Zero customers means Zero profits = no more company, no matter how big you are now.

One reason given for a delay was announced over the loud speakers that the mechanic brought the wrong tool, and had to go back and get the correct one. You just can’t make this stuff up!

If old sages are powerful reminders, here’s one that will demonstrate how I now see your industry, and will make every attempt to use other forms of transportation, regardless of price. The picture below was taken using my phone camera as I waited for my wife who spent the entire night in the terminal waiting for a flight to be cleared only to be canceled once again.

A picture is worth a thousand words.