“Experience”…Nice if you can get it!

I think experience will be worth more than the price of gold (or degree) in the coming future. I know, I know. Of course experience is the most coveted of all the attributes when dealing with life, as well as in business. But if that’s so, will someone tell me the answer to these questions, or more to the fact, tell them to the up and coming work force or tomorrows business leaders…

If a young adult can now be classified as a child until the age of 26, and will likely be in a school environment until age 24, that same young adult will not have been able to legally work till at least the age of 16, and more likely than not hold a job till they leave high school at 18.  Once they do get a “job”, more than likely it’ll be with a company that puts them into a “mindless” position ( Want fries with that? ). There they wont be able to go beyond very strict guidelines, or worse, just recite prewritten scripts to beleaguered customers. On top of all this, if one has any gumption at taking an interest in a challenging profession, even to do it for “No Pay” but for the experience to prepare oneself , that will now be just about illegal to be offered. Yes…”Internship” is also being eliminated due to interpretations in the law.

All this will be what both future employers, and  employees will have to contend with in the coming years. One side desperately needing experienced employees, the other side desperately seeking it.

No “higher education” can educate like experience. Worth more than a college education? Heck of a question for the S.A.T.’s of Life.