“Kicking the Can” but with a broken foot.

The proverbial kick the can reference has been used everywhere as of late. It’s used to describe everything from cleaning the garage to government policies. The problem seems, it’s getting much harder to kick that darn can.

We all procrastinate, however there comes a time when we realize we just can’t wait any longer. Everyone experiences that moment. Whether you’re in bed and suddenly break into a cold sweat realizing you’ve waited to long, or the final realization that if you wait any longer, it will be more painful than just starting right now. Kicking the can implies you can procrastinate forever, but you can’t. Sooner or later you’re going to injure your foot, stub your toe, whatever it may be, but it will happen, and happen at the worst time. Not only will you not be able to kick, but the can has turned into a dinged and dented piece of junk, hence comes a bad ending, and you lose.

It’s one thing to put off unpleasant things for a short time, but you can’t put all things off indefinitely. It doesn’t matter if the items are personal, or they’re the transgressions of governments. Sooner or later when you’ll need  to kick the hardest, that will be the exact moment you can’t kick at all.

In the scheme of life, don’t kick the can. Pick it up as the trash it is, and place it in the garbage where it belongs. Besides, kids nowadays play XBox.