Get a dictionary!

Sounds like the old days when trying to convince  newly found lovers to leave the bar so we could close, only we didn’t refer to a dictionary, but I digress.

In today’s digital age of course everything is on-line from dictionaries to a thesaurus, and everything in between. However what I’m talking about is the old-fashioned book form. No…not the small paperback type, or the collegiate style you might have on your desk. I mean the 6 inch think, 12X16 style. You know, the type if dropped would register on the Richter Scale!

There is something about the experience of looking up words that you either don’t know, or words you’re not exactly sure of. Of course I use all, but it depends on the need at the time. Electronic equals quick reference, paperback for casual reference, but there is nothing like flipping through India Paper four inches between the leather bindings to get a real sense for the definition of a word. I contend it broadens the understanding just from the experience. (Trust me when I say…No one needs it more than I.)

If you can, give the book a place of honor. Put it out in a hallway on a pedestal, put it on a pedestal in your office, or on your desk if there’s room, but put it out and leave it open. You’ll be amazed how often you use it. I read years ago from Tom Peters suggesting this. It was sage advice then, and still is.

Here's mine at my office.