CEO Wanted….Well not Really!……Final entry.

Originally I wrote this article to provoke some thoughts on what others felt about the subject. I received comments from current CEO’s, and I was really taken back a couple of steps. ( I don’t post comments on this Blog. The comments I received were from an article I originally posted in…CEOnetwork (R)

It seemed over, and over again, as I read the comments, the same theme ran through. One person wrote…..” In today’s economic climate the new CEO would have a tremendous amount of pressure on him or her. Once the economic pressure changes, I’m sure they’ll have many applying for the position, and who wouldn’t want a multimillion dollar salary?”  Once again, the comments were All along those lines. Like I stated, I was a little taken back. It puzzled me that other CEO’s were acting, or speaking like being a CEO was just another job with a different title. When did being a CEO become a “Job” with good pay, and benefits, paid sick time, retirement, and not having to dump unused vacation time? When did being a CEO mean, ” I’m in charge as long as everything is going well.” When did being a CEO become a job that should be posted on CareerBuilder or

I wrote in the articles preceding this one why I felt finding a CEO to fill the Bank of America position was going to be hard for not only that company, but any other that followed a similar path. In just a matter of  weeks after publishing, low and behold we not only see the quandary BofA has , but GM the other corporate entity with government intervention states their CEO resigned.  Wow…who would of thunk it?

To make the point in my articles about what a true CEO desires, BofA announced it is repaying all its TARP loan to the government so it will not be hindered by the politics of its hiring or compensation of  its most important position. Once again, proof of my point that talented people want, and deserve all the benefits of their expertise. If they can’t have that…They’ll go where they can. No matter where….where is.

I’ll leave off with one final example of what I believe illustrates a true CEO. There are many, but this person is very relevant to today’s topic, and is Leading his company in real-time, and in the public eye through a very tough economic climate, and is doing a few things that are trailblazing in what to most is looked upon as too risky for them.

Throw out any political, or ideology you might have, this is about Leadership, and why people deserve to keep what they earn, no matter what the dollar amount is, whether it’s $100 dollars, or $100 billion dollars.

Rupert Murdock the famed business mogul is currently in the so-called “worst of times” when every other business is hoping, and praying that revenues wont fall, or that the turmoil is subsiding enough for them to make the case why they shouldn’t be fired, Mr Murdock is taking the boldest of action stating in no uncertain terms to such juggernauts like Google and others that if you want to carry anything linked to his business, you’ll have to PAY…or stop linking to it…Period! That is just a thumbnail sketch of just one issue, but if you’ve been following the story at all, it’s breathtaking in the scope of such a decision. He is running a business, and he is going to have it run to his satisfaction, and to his business model. Whether it wins or fails is His decision, and the companies, and employees that work for him will either benefit or not, but it will be by His decisions. Others are now joining him, but most would not take the risk of such a brazen business move. No matter what the business climate….You either Lead….or Get run over by the Leaders! I think it’s also worthy to make note, of all the competition within his field, his business holdings are the only ones  gaining share, and turning profits!…All the others are withering on the vine. Maybe there’s a reason for it…Ya Think?