The Perilous Dangers of ” A False Sense of Security”

If one wants to know why more people are having difficulties in life, you don’t have to look far, but you do have to take notice. The clues are everywhere, but you have to extrapolate to see the root cause.

America has been blessed over the years of providing a level of security in both life, health, and wealth unseen in most other parts of the world. ( This is not a political discussion,  so save the emails.) We take for granted the basic necessities of life, but what we also take for granted in this day and age is that everything works, all the time, everywhere, no matter the conditions or mathematical odds of a failure. People blindly trust that no matter where they are on the planet..The Cell Phone will work…Internet access is available, etc., etc. But what has become blatantly obvious to me is peoples false sense that “Bad things” only happen to others on the news.

I say these things because of a sight seeing ride my wife and I enjoyed over the holiday weekend. We went to spectacular scenic location in Kentucky called ” The Natural Bridge”, a stone bridge carved from a single rock atop  a canyon that appeared to be 1000 feet below us. Sheer cliff like  faces throughout the canyon, all were breath taking. OK you’re saying…nice but what does all that mean? Well………..

This State Park seems to have been able to dodge the wrath of Liability Law Suits that plague businesses today. You needed to take a cable ski lift chair to get to the bridge. There were NO safety devices to stop you from lifting up the bar, and jumping off to the valley below to your own demise. Have a small child…better hold on to them, no special seat for them regardless of age. Put the teenagers in the lift in front of you while Mom and Dad enjoy the peacefulness, better hope they behave or someones going for an unpleasant fall. With that said, you arrive at the top and find after walking down a narrow pathway alongside the mountain you come to the bridge.  After taking a few steps out onto it you become abruptly aware that you are on a massive stone, suspended hundreds of feet in the air, and there are NO..repeat..NO safety lines, ropes, warnings, rails, nothing, and I mean Nothing, to impede, or stop you from slipping or falling, To Your Death!

I watched with bewilderment people walk right to the edge nonchalant, turn around and say ” Hey take my picture!” A mere gust of wind would have been enough to send them over. The bridge itself was a solid stone with a smooth surface. There was sand in some places that had been blow around making way for even less traction…Right at the edge!…But some people were oblivious to this fact. It was so perilous that if you had your back turned and someone bumped into you by mistake. It would be you to have the accident.

We walked to another part of the site where you could view the bridge from afar to see it in all its splendor, but this view was a rock plateau that jetted out from the canyon wall. It was just as magnificent, and just as dangerous as the bridge. No safety restraints of any kind, fall off the edge, call the Coroner, forget the Doctor! Once again, I watched people allowing their children to swing on branches of some trees, where if the limb snapped, at a minimum the child would roll down hundreds of feet down the valley wall. I watched a woman 6 or 7 feet from the edge of  the cliff with her back to the edge holding her camera up to her face trying to take a picture of her family who were sitting on a bench Watching her unsteadiness in her footing on the cliff rock. Maybe they didn’t like her decision for food that night, who knows, but she was making ME nervous!

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not calling for OSHA or the Safety Police to come a calling to the site. In fact..It was refreshing to be able to see nature in all its splendor, without the obstructions from the so called  Do Gooder Police that have to protect me at every turn. I’m an adult and understand risks and perils. It’s up to me to be careful, not up to someone else to do that for me. But from what I witnessed this day with so many oblivious to the real dangers, or seemingly not caring, It’s only a matter of time when you wont be allowed to be an adult here also.