The deal is done, and so might they….

One would have to be living under a rock to not know the dealings going on in the auto industry in the US. ( Many have their heads in the sand, but that’s a column for another day.)

Chrysler just announced it’s filing for bankruptcy, and they will be merging with that juggernaut of innovators, and market movers of the industry…Fiat. ( Yes…I’m being sarcastic.)

I am being inundated on TV, print, radio,politicians, and anyone else who can speak telling me ” What a Great thing this will be”…”Chrysler will now build a better car with Fiats technology” , and blah, blah, blah.  Am I the only one who remembers that Chrysler was purchased by the current owners when..Daimler-Benz…Yes that’s right, the same people who own and manufacture Mercedes decided to jettison Chrysler when it became obvious that they couldn’t bring Chrysler up to their standards with all the “Legacy costs, and other baggage” that came along with Chrysler. All it did was hurt the image and brand power of Mercedes.

This is what happens when a great company acquires a faltering one and is not able to impose it’s strict vision of quality, and perceived value. It’s a lesson shown time, and time again. The better of the two companies merged will suffer, and fall to the lower standards of the failing one…It rarely, if not ever works the other way. Once Daimler Benz had the chance to scrap Chrysler, even though it took a large financial hit. It did what any well run, well managed company will do….Take it’s Lumps…and Move on! That’s what great companies do, and in the end Mercedes is the better for it. But why take my word for it?….Once your able to afford the car of your choice, I’m sure the first one you want to get on the list for is that new…Chrysler Fiat model. Besides when it’s parked at the curb……Who cares about quality, and style. It’s a bargain,  Right?